www.foxnewspodcasts.com – Listen to FREE Fox News Podcasts

Fox News Podcasts:  How to Listen for FREE! You can listen using a variety of different applications The site provides call-in information for live shows Login with your username and podcast password A simple online password recovery process available In the past, if you couldn’t get to a TV it was hard to stay up […]

www.foxdigitalmovies.com – Enter Code & Redeem Digital Copy

How to Redeem Fox Digital Movies Customers can use the insert code to redeem a movie The system provides an extensive FAQ list for support Customers can also contact support via email Many consumers have come to expect a digital copy of a film when purchasing a DVD or Blu-ray disc.  For example, those who […]

www.history.com/authorize – Begin Device Activation for History

How to Activate a Device at the History Authorize Portal Users can choose from 3 different device types to activate The portal requires television provider account verification History network contact information is available Any network that provokes as much curiosity as does the History Channel is sure to have a decent sized market for online streaming […]

www.TribuneFairDeal.com – Status Updates of Missing Channels

Checking Status of the Tribune Fair Deal Negotiations Viewers can cut to the chase and find out what channels are unavailable The site provides a variety of information (from Spectrum’s point of view) Spectrum provides customers with contact information for Tribune When entering into a negotiation, a fair deal is the most reasonable expectation.  However, […]

www.GoEastWay.com – Quicky Entry Go East Way User Portal

Go East Way! Users must enter a username and password to enter The portal also offers a separate Agent login screen On the go users can access the mobile version When logging into an online portal it’s nice to have options.  For instance, those who require access to the Go East Way portal can choose […]

www.getfans.club – Start Generator for EASY Fans on TIK TOK

Get Fans Club Generator:  Grow Your Fan Base! Users can generate fans in just 3 EASY steps The Get Fans Club app requires a username The process of adding fans occurs automatically Anyone who want’s to become more recognizable on Tik Tok can start by adding more followers.  However, such a task is usually easier […]

www.turboscrubparts.com – Begin Order Turbo Scrub Parts Offer

Ordering Turbo Scrub Parts Online form can be used to complete order Original sets and accessories are available Support is available by phone and email Truth of the matter is sometimes the best offers simply cannot be found in typical brick and mortar stores.  Those who doubt this not-so-bold statement need go no further than […]

www.tnbuycrash.com – Purchase a Tennessee Crash Report Online

TN Buy Crash: A How to Guide Online form can be completed to order An important browse notice is provided Support is available by FAQ or by phone After experiencing the stress  that goes hand in hand with a motor vehicle accident, the last thing a person needs is the added stress of jumping through […]

www.dnaancestryproject.com/activate – Begin DNA Kit Activation

DNA Ancestry Project Activate Account access is needed to activate the kit New accounts can be registered for online Support is available via phone or by email Most DNA tests make it necessary for customers to complete a brief online activation process before experiencing the thrill of finding out where in the world they come […]

www.simplyapppack.com – Enter an Order Number & Zip Code

Simply App Pack Order number and zip code are needed Customer service is available to assist Sometimes a purchase just isn’t complete without jumping online to make an additional add-on.  Simply Wireless customers who have been directed to the Simply App Pack page can get started with doing just that by entering an order number […]