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Go Gortons Sweeps

  • Grand Prize getaway adventured valued at $10,000
  • 74 total daily prizes to be awarded
  • 33 weekly prizes to be awarded
  • Enter at designated sweepstakes page

Gorton’s is going to award one lucky winner with a Grand Prize of a getaway adventure valued at a whopping $10,000.  The winner of the Grand Prize will have the privilege of choosing from three possible destinations and will also be able to bring a travel partner along on the adventure.  Grand Prize winners will need to decide whether they want to Go Wild in Alaska, Go Real in Napa Valley, or Go Big in New York City.

To enter participants will need to check out the designated sweepstakes page. On the sweepstakes page participants will find an entry form that will need to be submitted in order to enter.  In order to complete the entry form participants will have to provide their first name, last name, email address, phone number, and zip code.  After filling out the basic entry contact information participants will need to choose from the three possible Grand Prize destinations and then divulge what their favorite type of seafood is.  Participants will have the option of signing up for Gorton’s newsletter prior to submitting their entry form.

It is a good idea to get in on the ground floor of the entry process for this sweepstakes as participants will be able to enter daily up until the end date of the sweepstakes term of 03/24/2016 to increase their odds of winning the Grand Prize.  Participants that do not cash in on the gran prize should solace in the fact that they will still have a chance at winning 74 daily prizes and 33 weekly prizes.  The total value of all of the weekly prizes combined comes to $4,750 while the total value of all of the daily prizes comes to $444.