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  • Activate card online
  • Check balance online

Visa Prepaid Card holders can now activate their cards online with the greatest of ease.  Card holders will simply need to go to the card activation website’s home page where they will be asked to log-in by entering the first ten digits of the card.  Once the first ten digits are entered and submitted the user will be directed to a card activation page where they will need to enter the three numbers found on the back of the prepaid card.  Users will also be able to view contact information as well as check their balances from this page by clicking on the Check Card Balance button or Contact Us botton shown on this page.  To press onward through the activation process click on the Activate My Card button.

After clicking on the Activate My Card button the user will be directed to the Online Card Access page.  To complete the log-in process the user will need to go ahead and enter their card number in the field shown.  The next field asked for the card security code which is simply the three digit number on the back of the card.  Finally, to complete the log-in the user will need to enter a code shown in a shaded area above the third field.  Once all codes are entered the user will be asked to either cancel the log-in or click submit to activiate the card.  After coming this far hopefully users will opt to hit the submit button.  However, users with cold feet can opt out by clicking the cancel button. Once the submit button is clicked the user will be directed to a page showing all of the pertinent account information including the user’s name, card balance, card activity, and card statement.