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Tracking My Furniture

  • Either a phone or invoice number is needed
  • Customer support available by email or phone

The processing of buying furniture can present consumers with quite a few challenges.  One aspect of purchasing furniture that doesn’t have to be a challenge is process of tracking an appointment.  Those who have an appointment with Ashley Furniture Homestore or Stash Home should enjoy the user-friendly process of tracking it down provided through the Tracking My Furniture page.  After arriving at the page customers will need to enter either a phone or invoice number into the blank field located in the Track Your Appointment box.  Once either number has been entered the Find button can be clicked to continue with checking status through the Tracking My Furniture page.

Key Moments in Ashley Furniture Homestore History

  • The company was founded as a sales organization in 1945 with headquarters in Chicago
  • In 1974 Ashley Furniture Corporation developed its very own transportation subsidiary
  • Arcadia Furniture and Ashley Furniture Corporation to merge into one company in 1972
  • In 1983 the company developed the Suggestion Program (later renamed the Idea Network)
  • In 1999 Ashley Furniture established manufacturing and distribution in Ripley, MS
  • Ashley Homestore went international in the year 2000 by opening a store in Aichi, Japan
  • By the year 2005 Ashley Furniture became the world’s largest manufacturer of furniture

Those who want to know more about the ideals backing up their customer experience can check out the Mission Statement and Guest Belief System posted at the Tracking My Furniture page.  Customers who have questions about an order can seek assistance by phone or through email.  Those who aren’t done with their furniture shopping can click the links to the Ashley or Stash homepages posted at the top of the page.

Contact Information

  • 866-787-7930
  • guest.care@ashleymidsouth.com